Another Moving Season Threatens SH

Only a matter of time??

Only a matter of time??

As Fall begins, each neighborhood braces for a new influx of residents. Whether those will be stop-overs before their move to Manhattan or permanent neighbors, each corner of Brooklyn must deal with the neophytes as they can.

For those of us who have lived here for a few years, Shang Heights has seen many such Autumns. We can’t help but wonder what may be in store for our neighborhood this year. Will this be the year that our beloved SH is not only listed (for the first time) on the city’s registry of best neighborhoods, but is listed high on such a roster? Only time will tell.

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Not A Bad 15 Buck Cut

This must be the place!

This must be the place!

I know what you’re thinking–but hear me out!

Having passed this place many times since living on the same street (and in a job-interview-the-next-day haircut emergency), I stopped in to Dong Lam Hair Palace a couple nights and gave their stylists a try.

I was not disappointed.

Despite the language barrier I managed to communicate pretty clearly what I needed, and the ladies who helped me were so friendly and attentive. My worries of a bad cut quickly dissipated in the capable hands (and shears!) of the stylist, and I ended up with not only a great doo, but a second round interview next week!

Not bad for $15 bucks (plus tip!).


Long Lam Hair Palace

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 9:00-7:00

804 44th Street, 11220

Love Comes To Town Records Skips after 6 Months

“At the beginning we were just trying to find our place in the neighborhood.”

For ShangHeights residents, sadly, 6 months was all that the little record shop that could could remain open.

“We definitely had an amazing reaction from people from the neighborhood, but unfortunately it didn’t transition into regular sales,” said Kathryn.

“We sort of thought that the neighborhood needed a place for music freaks to hang out, but for a lot of people, they’d rather just do their thing on the net.” said Jakob, adding, “That’s totally cool for them; it just sucks for our sales.”

All those records

While residents will miss evenings when Jakob would flip the ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed’ and people would gather to drink MGD 18 ounce cans (suggested “donations” $2) and listen to Kathryn’s collection rare 45’s, the sonic couple will continue their online business and even hope to open up their home to the small but dedicated group they met through the store.

“We’re going to try to have like a music salon in our apartment on 58th street and share music. Believe us, this is not the last you’ve heard of LCTT Records!”

We at ShangHeights have no doubt.

Sake Bomb Special Blowing Up ShangHeights Nightlife

Every Tuesday is Sake Bomb night at Kapowski’s, where the classic Hong Kong frat-boy party starters are just $2 from 9-11 PM.

“People definitely get fucked up. I’ll just say that off the bat.” says sultry Julie, who bartends Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. “We just want people to have an awesome time and blow off pre-hump day steam.”

People will know bar owner Kelly Thomas from his much-loved Bedwick gastropub, Bushmen, which is still going strong after 2 years of operation.

This sake scene is starting to explode: On weekends after 10 o’clock, the usually crowded tables are pushed against the wall, and the ample back room is turned into a sultry, sweaty dance party with well-known DJ’s rotating through every week, spinning killer tracks.

“I think this place really has become a destination. Whereas like 6 months ago, people who lived down here would take a car or the train up north to the more like established neighborhoods, but I feel like now, there are more places for them to party. That’s a really great thing.”

Bartender Julie isn’t wrong.

With a few more hotspots to choose from, SH will start to turn heads even in Bushwick.




Kapowski’s Bar

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 4:00-4:00

760 56th Street, 11220

718 608 7765