About Us


ShangHeights is run by Auden Reilly and Nicholas Marist, long-time residents of the neighborhood committed to documenting the vibrant enclave this is Shang Heights.

Auden is a blogger and writer whose work has been featured in Brooklyn Rail, Xenotrobe, and some zines you probably never heard of. He’s interested in good food, good beer/cider, and the thriving culture that is ~B*R*O*O*K*L*Y*N~.

Nick is journalist enrolled in a grad school program at NYU, with a background in food and wine. He’s happiest blogging and enjoying the different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and Manhattan north of Canal and south of 14th Street.

Special thanks goes to all of the columnists and friends who have contributed/will contribute to this site, and the residents of the best up-and-coming neighborhood in Brooklyn: SHANG HEIGHTS!

You can contact us at auden@shangheights.com/nick@shangheights.com with any questions or comments. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook — be sure to check into shangheights on foursquare! Thanks!


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