Brace For Coney’s – New Bar Graces SH


Coney’s Bar is the kind of place you go to escape a sudden rain, but end up staying all day even after the weather has cleared. The jukebox, cheap at 3 plays for a dollar, is stocked with well-worn favorites (Lou Reed, the Ramones, Talking Heads) and the popcorn machine fills  bellies with a delicious snack and the the bar with the smell of butter.

Coney’s moved into the space that Bar Tweed vacated and has made major changes.

“We’re less into gimmicks and more into just having a good time.”

This is a welcome attitude for those of us mystified by the complicated menus and obscure spirits that are in vogue for new bars. Their full bar and wide selection of beers on tap (everything from Yeungling to Five Points) will satisfy most tastes.

“Pretty much the only thing we do that’s out of the ordinary is Singapore Sling Shots Wednesdays. I mean we’re in ShangHeights, this is Chinatown baby! So we wanted to keep the Far East flair intact.”

You might find some flair in your cheeks after a few Sling Shots at Coney’s!

Cheap well drinks and good beer? Check. Killer jukebox? Check, and MATE!



Hours: Monday-Sunday, 5:00-Close

710 58th Street, 11220