Celebrities Move In As SH Moves Up


South Brooklyn’s reigning queen and king

Shang Heights has long been both eager for a star to make our neighborhood home and wary of the added attention we might receive as a result. Now it seems we must form an opinion: Television star and Indie-film darling America Ferrera has closed on a home in our beloved ‘hood.

Yes, the beautiful face of Ugly Betty might now be glimpsed on 8th Ave. We at this blog couldn’t be more pleased with our newest famous addition.

This is not to say that our resident film star, Oscar winner William Hurt, has been displaced as the celebrity face of Shang Heights, but it is nice to see a star of a younger generation take interest in our corner of the borough.

Hurt, who only last year moved to 53rd Street (The address? Decency forbids us!), seems to have started a trend that could bring more famous faces.

So what does this mean for Shang Heights? Park Slopers have your Maggie Gyllenhaal. Cobble Hillites: Norah Jones. Red Hooksonians: Michael Shannon. Celebrities love Brooklyn, and people who love Brooklyn are naturally drawn to neighborhoods with real character. By that criteria, Shang Heights is a star on the rise.