ShangHeights Unwinds At The Greasy Spool Diner

Greasy Spool owner Adam Yorwitz talked heritage, history and brunch with us this week over a cup of his delicious stand-your-spoon-straight coffee.

“I just wanted people to come in and enjoy the surroundings, like I used to when I was growing up.”

Yorwitz grew up in Park Slope just as the neighborhood was changing; he remembers the buttery smells and boisterous sounds of a diner on 5th ave. He wanted customers to have the true Brooklyn experience when they came to Greasy’s.

“It was still old school Park Slope so there was a lot of soul food and a lot of Southern cooking back then,” he recalled. “What we’ve tried to do is bring those old recipes back, the biscuits and gravy type dishes that can’t be beat, but then we also have stuff on the menu that is a totally new reworking of things.”

Those menu items include Tilapia and grits, the “Monster Mash” plate full of homemade hash, eggs and sausage, and their signature Cadbury Cream Egg egg creams. Continue reading