Nori With Attitude at Compton Sushi

We spent our lunch break today chatting with Jesse and Fletcher Getz, the siblings/restaurateurs behind the newly minted Compton Sushi on 8th Ave!

The Getz brothers wanted to bring the Southern Californian flavors to NYC, but felt their restaurant needed to have a twist.

“I was a line cook for years at a couple of Venice Beach seafood places,” said Fletcher, who cut his teeth at Salt Air and Crow’s Nest, “so I knew what the traditional boardwalk food was all about. And Jesse spent some time in Japan eating sushi basically every other meal.”

 According to Jesse, “It just seemed natural to combine the two.”

“We love New York so far, but we know a lot of West Coasters get homesick, so we wanted to bring a little bit of Cali to Brooklyn, and we had a few friends who had just moved to the area.”

“We loved the Asian vibe and foresaw a kind of West meets East situation.”

The Japanese/American restaurant grabs influences from both coasts, with a nod to the Coney boardwalk in a Chili/Cheese Tonkatsu.  The West coast gets love from the Tojo Dog, an oriental take on  Dodger Stadium’s famous 10-inch Dodger Dog. Continue reading