Not A Bad 15 Buck Cut

This must be the place!

This must be the place!

I know what you’re thinking–but hear me out!

Having passed this place many times since living on the same street (and in a job-interview-the-next-day haircut emergency), I stopped in to Dong Lam Hair Palace a couple nights and gave their stylists a try.

I was not disappointed.

Despite the language barrier I managed to communicate pretty clearly what I needed, and the ladies who helped me were so friendly and attentive. My worries of a bad cut quickly dissipated in the capable hands (and shears!) of the stylist, and I ended up with not only a great doo, but a second round interview next week!

Not bad for $15 bucks (plus tip!).


Long Lam Hair Palace

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 9:00-7:00

804 44th Street, 11220