Arrivederci To Maria’s Pizzeria

Maria’s Pizzeria will be closing within a few weeks.

To the pizza lovers in the area, this is a huge blow.

“I don’t know. We’ve seen the neighborhood change a lot the past 30 years.” said owner/guy you recognize as the voice on the phone, Marshall Fialla. “I’m getting older and my boys aren’t interested in the place. So we’re closing up.”

Fialla also cited his long commute from Staten Island where he resettled a few years ago.

The kitchen bustles at

The kitchen bustles at Maria’s on a recent Tuesday

“We had a good run, but orders were down. What are you going to do? I can’t eat it all myself, though my wife would tell you I tried.”

Although Maria’s was arguably the best pizza place around, residents will still be able to rely on the pizza places along 5th Avenue.

We will all miss the pizza and Marshall’s warm, gruff voice taking down our order.