turkey dinner

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time and you’ve burnt the turkey–WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Even long-time meal-preparors know this horror, that’s why our friends at Thanksgiving Rescue have got you covered! We talked to Tim and Mike, TR founders and main “turkey emergency room” “attendants” about just what their Shang Heights-based company does.

“Basically if you burned your turkey, we will deliver a fresh, perfectly prepared one, within the hour on Thanksgiving Day.”

The service is totally original, say the culinary pair.

“This happened to a friend of mine when she hosted a Friendsgiving a couple years ago. The turkey was totally burned on the outside ad ice cold on the inside. If we had been around she could have called Thanksgiving Rescue and had a new turkey in time for dinner.”

With supermarkets in a panic to make sure all of their turkeys are sold by Novemeber 28th, Tim and Mike purchase turkeys at a discount, and have them prepared by the evening.

“Just because we’re able to buy last-minute turkeys, doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. Our turkey’s are prepared lovingly and cooked in city Sanitation Department-certified ovens.” assured Mike.

“Also beggars can’t be choosers.”

Added Tim.

Although this blogger will be upstate for the holiday, unlucky chefs may gobble up this totally new service.


Thanksgiving Rescue

347 565 8014